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Serious 6 is a heavily sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the infamous Canadian Sativa Landrace X African Landrace strains. Although the exact indica to sativa ratio is unknown, Serious 6 has been measured as having a THC level that typically falls around the 17% mark. This bud has a classic sativa high with a subtle relaxing indica effect that doesn't overpower at all. The high starts with a crystal clear cerebral head rush that leaves you creatively inspired with a strong sense of focus and purpose. This motivation will continue for hours on end and will often get you up and active and moving. A warming buzz that simply serves to relax you will wash over your body, leaving you incredibly aroused and increasingly horny as you continue to smoke. Because of these powerful effects, Serious 6 is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, mild to moderate cases of depression, nausea, and chronic stress. The Serious 6 bud has an aroma of delicately floral sweet citrus with a hint of spicy pine as the nugs are broken apart. 

Serious 6---Designer

PriceFrom $42.00
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